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Difficulties e-mailing psycholegal?

If your emails bounce back then a likely cause is problems with reverse DNS, a device put in place by internet providers to combat spam. For some reason this is more common for e-mails sent from Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. See below for an explanation

Forward Confirmed Reverse DNS (FCRDNS)

This has been implemented by our internet provider to reduce junk email passing through their servers. Both the forward and the reverse DNS entries must match each other.A reverse DNS lookup is completed by our internet provider to get a list of the PTR Records. For each of the PTR records that is returned a regular Reverse DNS lookup is completed to see if any of the A records match the original IP address. If there is a forward DNS lookup that confirms one of the names given by the reverse DNS lookup, then the FCrDNS check passes those allowing email into the server. Many companies are bringing this into place to combat spam.

If you are getting a bounce back message saying you have a forged hostname and giving you an IP address then the IP you are sending from does not have FCRDNS set-up. This can be set-up by contacting your server administrator or by contacting your internet provider.

Last revised 4th January 2014

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