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Paul Cousins
Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist

Client Information

If you have received an appointment from me then this page has information on:

What you can expect when you see a psychologist

Many people's view of psychology comes from the media, and this can be quite distorted. When you attend an appointment with me you'll find no couch, no 'Cracker'. My expertise is in understanding relationship difficulties, parenting difficulties, the way stress affects people, ways in which abusive experiences from the past can affect people, reasons for offending or harming other people etc. As a psychologist I am trained to understand the way people's emotions [or feelings] and thoughts affect their behaviour [or the way they do things].

Most of my clients will have been involved in Court proceedings, and my job is to understand the situations that lead to this and to make recommendations to the Court - to reduce risk in the future or to gain the right support. I will often have already been sent documents relating to the Court case, but also I need to know your point of view in order to make appropriate recommendations.

So I will ask you about your views on the Court proceedings, but also about your family background, education, work, medical history, alcohol & drug history, offence history, relationships and sexual functioning, childcare etc, and I will want to discover where things have gone well for you as well as the difficulties. This allows me to put your current difficulties in the right perspective.

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Details about the appointment

Appointments are usually for 5-6 hours. This allows time to cover all the areas above. We will normally meet at your solicitor's office, a family centre or similar location. If you're a smoker there will be opportunity to take a break every so often to nip out for a cigarette. 

I will ask you to complete one or more questionnaires relevant to your situation. If you need reading glasses, can I ask you to bring them with you. If you're not good at reading, and many adults aren't, then I will read the questionnaires to you.

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Complaints  Complaints are rare and I can normally resolve matters quickly. However, should you have any cause to complain about the service I have offered then please discuss it with me at the time or with the person who asked me to see you. They will normally contact me and I will attempt to deal with your concerns. If it is not possible to reach a resolution then we can discuss your options for taking your complaint further.

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