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Paul Cousins
Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist

Advice and e-therapy

I'm afraid I am unable to provide e-therapy or advice on difficulties that you [or those close to you] are experiencing.

Advice   In my clinical practice I complete a full assessment over at least 4 hours and then interpret this information only after reading all the papers and reports which relate to the person’s case. Given that my psychological opinion usually has significant implications for the people involved [ eg. custody of children, recommendation for release from prison] it is important to do justice to their circumstances by allocating sufficient time to assessment and the writing of a psychology report.

As you will appreciate, with e-mail advice I would not be able to address a person's concerns to the same standard as I usually work, and I feel that this would compromise my professional integrity. I also know that sometimes people unwittingly omit important information when telling me about their circumstances in an e-mail. If I were to offer advice based on an incomplete picture then my advice would probably be inaccurate or, even worse, potentially damaging.

e-therapy   If you are looking for e-therapy then try the main search engines using the following keywords:

  • online counselling and therapy
  • mental health consulting
  • counsellor
  • therapist
  • clinical psychologist
  • mental health care provider directories
  • health care providers
Add 'AND UK' to your keywords for a UK search .

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